Over the years, the clever folk at Bovisand Lodge Holiday park have built an incredibly scenic and peaceful getaway spot that’s booked solid through the high seasons. Thanks to their prime location (right next to the beach yet only six miles from Plymouth city centre), visitors from all over the country flock there for an idyllic escape and friendly welcome, all year round.

Their problem was this: they had somehow ended up with three separate websites, but none of them took care of online booking. They needed to somehow bring these three sites together into one streamlined online marketing tool and add extra functionality to make life super simple for their customers.

So they came to Purple Motion to see what we could do. We laid out everything they already had, identified repeated information, considered the ideal user journey and built a clean new site map that covered everything in one place.

We integrated a complete online booking service (by Planyo) and tested it rigorously to iron out any hiccups. This alone has revolutionised the way they do business, keeping everything reliably in one place and avoiding the inevitable booking mishaps that come with more traditional, offline systems.

We also developed a new logo for them as their old one needed refreshing in line with their smart new website. And finally, we took their old content and polished it up with a more imperative, inspiring tone of voice that would move customers to take action.

The results, we have to say, are looking very beautiful indeed - almost as beautiful as the holiday park itself. The client is thrilled with the new site and they’re excited to see the results for the upcoming season.

So if you have a complicated web project that seems too tricky to solve, put Purple Motion to the test. With a whole suite of skills on hand, we can whip your online marketing into shape with professional expertise - and a touch of digital dexterity. Get in touch today to find out more, and be sure to check out the new Bovisand Lodge Holiday Park website for yourself: www.bovisand.com