Everyone in Plymouth loves the Raiders. Our beloved local basketball team has been smashing it on the court since 1983, holding the title of longest-serving and most successful team in Division 1 of the EBL National League.

In July 2017, the Raiders gained a fresh management team who had grand plans to shake things up a little. They wanted to revamp the team’s existing logo and give it a faster, more thrilling pace to reflect the nature of the game. Naturally Foxy, the team’s long-standing mascot, still had to have a place in the brand’s identity.

The team at Gammaray Creative came up with a new logo which manages to convey the team’s rich heritage while bringing across a more modern, exciting slant. However, the logo was just the beginning of the team’s new direction. There was still plenty more to do, and that’s where the Purple Motion team came in.

Getting it all online

The next challenge was to translate this new identity into a fresh website for the team and to develop a whole new suite of marketing materials and brand guidelines. As well as print materials, they knew they needed a fully responsive website that would work all over the world on any and every device, so they came to Purple Motion for full-service digital expertise.

Our designers and programmers got their heads together to create a slick, fresh website that functions smoothly and guarantees an easy experience for all visitors. And it does a great job of showcasing the new identity in all its glory. Meanwhile, our brand identity experts built the Plymouth Raiders a new set of brand guidelines to direct them in using their new identity properly across all marketing mediums.

The results are looking great, and we’re all looking forward to building a strong ongoing relationship with Plymouth Raiders.

Check out the new Plymouth Raiders website for yourself: www.plymouthraiders.com