This week we have chosen to take a look at the importance of typography within communications, whether these be online or printed.

In simple terms, what is typography? Typography is the way that words look and how they arranged in relation to the rest of the text and other elements of the content such as images and video.

Good typography actually tends to go unnoticed as it just ‘makes sense’ to the viewer. So what is the importance of the typography that you use on your website and marketing material? The typeface used will add value to the text and will help your readers to perceive valuable information, with the use of ‘great’ typography being able to evoke feelings to enhance your message. It takes a deal of creativity and imagination to use a typography that will not only attract the reader’s attention but also to hold it. This is where the correct choice of colour, typeface and text prove to be crucial for attracting and communicating with your target audience. It’s not just about choosing the font well, it’s about using the font well. Good typography creates an identity that works on both a conscious and subconscious level to strengthen your brand, user experience and messaging, and this is why it is so important.

There are numerous terms and rules used within typography which can seem daunting to someone who is trying to understand how to get the most from their message, especially for those of us that are not trained in graphic design! There are various sites online that are able to help you to understand these terms simply and to give you some guidance, but try not to get carried away as there are endless possibilities.

Our 3 main pointers for this are as follows;

  1. Think of your brand - you will need to use a style that fits and reinforces your brand’s voice and identity.

  2. Communicate your message - you are wanting the viewer to be able to easily read and understand your text, so think about what it is that you are saying and who you want to read it.

  3. Providing visual appeal - this will evoke feelings about your message so think about what you are wanting to convey and how to put this to inspire action from the viewer and retain their attention.